PyTom: Start the UI Frontend Server

The server provides you with pages through which you will be able to set up processing jobs. First, open a terminal and navigate into the
directory and run
pytom -h "YourComputerName"
-h You have to specify the computer name here. Determine that name by typing

or bug your system administrator if that does not show you the name of the machine you are working on.

--help Print a more detailed help

This is what you should see if everything runs fine:

Starting Pytom Webserver on hostname localhost and port 8080
Paste the following line into your browser to start
Starting browser: firefox

On some well configured machines, running the above command will start a browser (preferably firefox) and display the start page. However, if that does not happen, you have to open a browser and open the webpage manually. Paste the listed URL into the address bar and start configuring your jobs.